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 ELPID - ELectro-Pulsing Ion Detoxifying device 

 A new generation Complementary therapy Instrument, very simple & effective, ready to work Out-of-the-box.
For only 20 min per day, or per week, it can help a significant improvement in the health and general condition, by foot / sitz bath / compress, plus Silver water and toot-treatment.  
Does not depend on particular illnesses– can help almost everyone to be healtier and stronger.
This is possible, because of  its universal principles –
reduces the harmful "+" ions, destroys toxins and germs,
stimulates, vitalizes and rejuvenates body & mind.
Unlike most regular cures, it has no adverse side effects!
Very small, lightweight and safe,
with convenient touch-buttons, vivid color LEDs,
short circuit, overload, over-voltage protection.
1) as foot / hand / sitz Bath,
2) to any part of the body as Compress,
3) to the teeth (+Dental applicator - ELPID'd);
4) to prepare high quality Silver water!
   ELPID helps Cleansing Kidneys, Liver and entire body; Relieves Allergies and Pain; Improves Metabolism, Immune System, Sleep, Energy level, Memory; Normalizes Blood Pressure, body weight, digestive system.
   It might be the small incentive, needed to overcome an "incurable" disease!
   It's very different from the commonly offered, priced up to $3k, cleanse, spa, chi, ionic, etc. footbath in brown-rusty water. Unlike them, it uses highly effective, active, harmless processes, in clear water. Compare.
ELPID-   UPC 680201854734- $350

ELPID'd- UPC 680201854741-$370
( + Dental Applicator )
BEST OFFERS  via email will be also considered.
Shipment will be within 1 business day, after the payment is cleared, via USPS regular Priority mail.
Shipping is free inside US; the $20 added - contribution to the $25 to $35 Priority Small flat International rate.
  Sales tax (6%) will be added in purchases to Pennsylvania shipping addresses.
  International sales depend on the Availability of USPS Priority to the destination. Buyer is responsible for all local duties and taxes.
The relatively low price is due to the very simple, highly optimized design, and no expenses on unnecessary premises, machinery, staff, luxury, etc.

The instrument is  made in USA  by SELEQ.   On eBay SELEQ has constantly  100% positive feedback  rating for many years!

    Questions, comments, special requirements, suggestions -   - will be answered in a few (usually 1-2) hours, 10:00 to 22:00 EST, every day, within 48 hours maximum.
    The Warranty is 3 years from the receiving, excluding accessories, improper usage, normal wear and tear, etc. In case of a problem, it has to be explained via email, and if necessary – ELPID to be sent to SELEQ. Repair or exchange will be within 1 day, plus the USPS shipping time. It will be honestly approved to be free of charge and shipping will be refunded, if reasonable.
    Returns are accepted 30 days from the receiving, for a full refund, excluding damages (if any); buyer pays return shipping.
    Disclaimer: Although all efforts are made to ensure efficient and safe work of ELPID, it is an experimental instrument for research, according to Federal Code 21, D, 807.65, (f). It does not have an official approval and can be used solely on user's own responsibility. The author is in no way liable for any unsuccessful treatment, failure due to lack of another treatment or any other reason.
- - - - - - -       Some comments from people, using SELEQ products   ( All they are Nothing but the truth! ) :    - - - - - - -
- Surprisingly, one 25 min bath with ELPID has fixed my long months blood-red toe-nail from unknown reason and an obstinate inflamation of another toe-nail.
Simon J, from Sofia, Bulgaria 

- The Elpid after two x 30 minute sessions has fixed my long years fungus infection and the Plantar fasciitis.
Douglas H, from Koolewong, Australia  

- ELPID is a brilliant design, well made and very useful. After 20 minutes 'Bath' mode my tinnitus (noise in the ears) vanished (a huge, pleasant surprise) and my 'normal' pain in both ankles and knees was almost missing!
Mark V, from Ludlow, VT, USA  

- We are very satisfied from several instruments of SELEQ that have been working great in our company for over 25 years!
Lubomir J, from Sofia, Bulgaria  

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