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Express Health Aid – High Voltage Tesla-Coil / Gas-discharge Lamp

    Innovative device, with safe high voltage, multi-frequency pulsating, capacitive and light wireless impact. In a few minutes it can reduce pathogens, neutralize toxins, modify metabolic waste, have a synergistic therapeutic effect on the body and mind, stimulate all healthy processes. [Preliminary]
    INTRO: Non-contacting exposures for several minutes at AC high voltage (HV) 10 to 100 kV may represent the ideal, noninvasive therapy, with a surprising lack of harmful side effects, as Nikola Tesla stated in the first lecture in 1891 in Columbia College in New York. It is used frequently in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, bringing about highly beneficial results, as Dr. Gustave Kolischer announced on the American Congress of Physical Therapy in 1932. It has been gradually suppressed by the commercialized doctors, as not profitable enough and not so easy to apply.
    Penetration can be several centimeters into bones, muscles, all tissues, resulting various improvement. It can act like antioxidants, fighting free radicals, neutralizing them with negative ions and traces of ozone; the neuroendocrine cell-initiated reflex arc may also apply to explain neurological benefits; can stimulate the Transmembrane Potential, normal cell metabolism, the Na-K pump, ATP production and healing. Research has shown that even simple HV fields can have many favorable effects on the human body. And the benefits can be surprisingly fast.
Brief comparison of  SELEQ devices :
- ELPID (Electric bath, very low Frequency, mostly DC) – can extract "sick" +ions, regular and subtle toxins, destroy germs, affect dental issues, make silver water; For prophylaxis and general health - once per month.
- STELDOX (Multi-F, dry skin electrodes) – can destroy germs, modify regular + subtle toxins, stimulate body & mind, affect various inflammations, alergies and many others (mostly at night).
- ELPUMA (Multi-F, EM Wireless - no electrodes, through the clothing) – improving healthy, suppressing the sick processes; universal - can affect many acute or chronic afflictions, very easy and comfortable to use (day and night).
- TESCOG (HV Tesla-Coil / Gas-discharge Lamp) – Express help for body & mind Health. [Preliminary]
- LASDENT  (3-Laser Dental health Aid) - caries, inflammations, periodontitis [Preliminary]
- RIBER  (Red laser, IR LEDs multi-F vibro massager) [Preliminary]

Antenna     Main Bob Beck's frequencies are used in this device too, as very popular and effective. Also the best of Nogier's, the author's ones, and a High-Frequency (HF) carrier. All these ensuring no harm, good acceptability, penetration, stimulation; modifying many of the subtle toxins, unknown to the standard microbiology yet, therefore unresponsive to the regular medications. This HF is relatively low, noble, completely harmless as applied here, very far from the dangerous electro-smog, like 5G.
    The gas-discharge lamp additionally improves Electro-magnetic and light impact. And makes the device more attractive! It is a combination of neon and other low-density ionized noble gases that emit from the entire volume (not just from the fluorescent coating). So the efficiency is very high, even at low power. The life expectancy in this special mode for the lamp is up to 20-30 000 hours.
    The HV is optimized for penetrating, healing, stimulating, but not harming – limited to a safe level, as shown on the picture with a test-lamp.
    Several frequencies are nested, most of them fractally, simultaneously: 10, 40, 143, 166 Hz, 1.2, 5, 11.8, 72 kHz; 1 MHz.
    To summarize:
Tes   1- Absolutely harmless (if properly applied);
  2- Very easy, very quick application;
  3- No discomfort, no unpleasant sensations;
  4- Combined beneficial influence of 2 emitters:
  --EM radiation from a MWO-type antenna,
  --special gas-discharge light,
  --the interference between them is another specific useful impact;
  5- Several simultaneous frequencies;
  6- Quick deep penetration;
  7- Stimulates and normalizes the work of every cell and tissue;
  8- Complex impact: --symptoms relieve,
  --causes reduce -modifying regular and subtle toxins and metabolic wastes to less harmful substances,
  -devitalizing or reducing of many pathogens,
  --cleaning, protecting and balancing subtle-energies,
  9-Very easy to use, with universal settings, suitable for most people – just plug and play, nothing to set and tune.
  TESCOG can reduce stress, depression, many inflammations and other afflictions, decreasing or devitalizing pathogens, accelerate wound recovery; stimulate meditation, help cleaning of karma and similar harming data records or kind of black magic, facilitate psychoanalysis, positive mind swing, and many others. (Black-magic is not a joke - despite technocratic times, such negative subtle-energy records, and their harm, increased in recent decades!)
    Exposition for 4 min of propolis, herb tablets and many other supplements can amplify and enhance their effectiveness with up to 30-40%.

    The result can depend on the mental and physical condition of the particular person, cyclicity of the individual and surroundings, the moment in time, etc; Almost no side effects – not advisable in some cases of epilepsy, life-sustaining devices (peacemaker), etc. Avoid heart area for more than 4-5 min. And in general 4-5 min is enough for most treatments.
  The lack of pain or any discomfort doesn't mean it's not harmful, if applied for too long time!
    Comparing:   -TESCOG's influence is capacitive-EM and light, up to 1 m (3 ft); clothing reduces it up to 20%.
  -ELPUMA is also wireless, the impact is inductive-EM, at short distance; thin clothing doesn't interfere.
  -Usually ELPUMA is used for 90 min, day or night; TESCOG – only 4 min, the fastest one; on awake patient. No accessories needed.
Handle     APPLICATION: Mount the handle (included) as shown on the picture, to avoid damage of the aluminum heatsink by the screw. Move the device by the handle only. Keep the power cable away from the antennas.
    Sometimes 1 - 2 sessions are enough for a problem to disappear, but usually a good active cure would be up to 10-15 min daily, or every 2nd day, for several weeks, or as long as needed.
    Avoid more than 10 min per day at one area, 30 min total. A break of several days is good after 20-30 days treatment;
    2 to 4 times a month is good for prophylaxis, if necessary.
    For the user convenience it gives 1 beep every minute, 2 beeps after 4 min (the optimum time for one area);
    TESCOG will give 3 warning beeps, then turn off, if internal temperature is above ~ 50C / 120F, mostly because the aluminum heatsink (a metal surface) is unpleasant to touch when hot. (This can happen in quite a hot environment.) Switch OFF, then ON to restart.
    We have to know that healing devices are a temporary help only! Despite of the scientific and public prejudices, the baseline for preserving or recovering health is a radical mind change toward prevailing of joy, love, kindness, honesty, dignity, easy-living, really proper nutrition and environment, activities in nature; freedom from stress, anger, sadness, sorrow, formality, faiths; release from karma, etc!
    The invisible HV field around the TESCOG is up to 2-3 meters (~yards). It can affect or damage many more sensitive electronic devices, like watch, caliper, tablet, smart-phone and others.
    Specifications: Power supply - Wall Adapter 90-240V to 15V (included)
    Consumption - up to 0.45 A
    Recommended impact time - 4 minutes for one area, steady or slowly moving
    Ambient temperature - 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
    Humidity <95%, non condensing
    Weight ~10 oz / 260 g (no handle); 23 oz / 650g packed.
    The right for any necessary changes reserved.

    Some References:
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    Disclaimer: This is an experimental device for research, Federal Code 21, D, 807.65, (f), and can be used solely on user's own responsibility. The author is in no way liable for any unsuccessful treatment, failure due to lack of another treatment or any other reason.

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