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A very compact electro-pulsating, multi-frequency device for health improvement.

    INTRO: Eelectrotherapy was a basic, quite effective treatment for many diseases, including cancer, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has been gradually shifting from antibiotics and other new drugs, as easier to apply. And strongly suppressed by the commercialized doctors as not profitable enough and without side effects!
    Steldox is a contemporary extension of this promising branch, part of the integrative-holistic approach to health and wellness. It can be applied via Pad-electrodes, placed where needed on the skin, or by the Polarizing electrode of ELPID.
    DESCRIPTION: very easy to use, suitable for most people. With safe, body compliant current, it can kill or modify many germs and toxins, stimulate and vitalize all cells and organs. The healing current flows directly through the affected tissues, so the impact is immediate and strong.
    It can be effective in asthma, other allergies, spasms, numbness, cramps, addictions, arthritis, atherosclerosis, some Alzheimers, cancers and depressions, chronic fatigue, diabetes, flue, hemorrhoids, inflammations, infections, Lyme, Morgellons, pain relief, osteoporosis, rheumatism, tumors, varicose veins, tuberculosis and many others.
    The described impact is by design, the results of similar instruments, reading in Akasha-database, tests in family and friends, satisfied customers. A small innovative producer can not afford clinical trials, besides, the blind tests that many standard doctors insist on, are often quite nonsense - many healings are much better, or only, in combination with other treatments and methods; It's difficult or impossible to collect objective evidence for a numbre of simptoms and feelings, like pain reduction, workability; clearly thinking, less discomfort or noise in the ears, etc. However that's what many patients need, and what is often pretty informative about the effect on the deep roots of poor health!
    As with most cures, the result can depend on the particular person, mental condition, cyclicity of the individual and surroundings, the moment in time, etc; Almost no side effects – not advisable around large tooth fillings, epilepsy, life-sustaining devices (peacemaker), etc. It's better to avoid placing the electrodes on genitals, nipple areas, wounded/ abraded skin, also some warts, pustules, etc. The power supply is well isolated, but as a precautious, don't touch sink, bath-tub or other possibly grounded objects.
    Main Bob Beck's frequencies are used, as very popular and with proven effectiveness, although they are not the best, nor the only ones. They are modulated in a special way with the author's found ones, and the best of the Nogier's frequencies, to ensure good acceptability, less harm, improved stimulation. The High-Frequency (HF) modulation makes it completely painless, harmless, better penetrating, more effective, and better modifing many of the subtle toxins, unknown to the standard microbiology yet, therefore unresponsive to the regular medicines. This HF is relatively low (1MHz), noble, completely harmless as applied here, very far from the dangerous electro-smog; current is limited to a safe level.
    At the output are fractally nested: 4, 10, 40, 143, 166 Hz, 1.2, 5, 11.8 kHz, HF modulation 1 MHz.
    Steldox can be viewed as an enhanced TENS-device. It is more harmless and can be more effective then many of them, Cranial-electro stimulators (CES), some Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy (FSM), and many other electro-therapeutic devices. The difference from their huge variety is:
STELDOX-application   1- Several frequencies, applied simultaneously, via 1 pair electrodes;
  2- Includes higher LF and has HF modulation;
  3- Lower discomfort or completely no sensations (in HF);
  4- Deeper penetration, longer lasting impact;
  5- Very compact and convenient to use;
  6- Completely harmless current;
  Overall – more complex impact: can help for symptom relief, as well as for healing and stimulating.
  In fact all Zappers are mostly electrifying and stimulating - usually less than 10%, if any, of their impact is due to the often claimed frequency-resonance process.
    The healing is universal, based on the notion that most of the bio-electro-chemical processes in the body are done inside the cells – in the protoplasm and other cell's parts, as they are ~80% of the active body electrolytes, therefore the impact is directed towards them. The blood (~10%) is mostly for transportation.
    The effectiveness is due to the electric current itself, to the individual frequencies, and to all of them as a special combination. The main impact is to stimulate and amplify to normal the work of every cell, tissue, organ, system! The 2nd one is devitalizing or reducing the harm of many pathogenic germs. In a 3rd place is modifying toxins and metabolic wastes, accumulated in the cells and intracellular spaces, to less harmful substances.
    Also: Nourishing the body’s natural electrical system; Supporting the immune system; Activating white blood cells; Restoring cells to a healthy voltage; Cleaning up excessive free radicals as an antioxidant; Balancing the nervous system; Improving blood circulation; Improving the production of the important in energy transfer ATP, and others.
STELDOX-application2     Comparing with ELPID:
  -Electrical pattern of Elpid is applied between the 2 electrodes in the tray, or in the compress material (the current flows mostly trough the water medium). In Steldox it immediately flows trough the body tissues.
  -Elpid uses ELF (almost DC) and the transitions (slopes) between the pulses, while Steldox is Frequency-impact.
  -Elpid is mostly sucking, removing toxins out of the body; Steldox is killing and modifying germs and toxins inside the body. Therefore, it's good to apply Elpid after Steldox, sometimes simultaneously.
  -Steldox is much easier to use - no bath, water, tray, compress...
Initially designed in response to customer needs for enhancing ELPID,
it evolved to Stand-alone device, in 2 modifications:

STELDOX-1 – Mini

  Simple and small, with universal settings, applicable for most people.
  Very easy to use – just plug and play, nothing to set and tune.
    It has 2 LED indicators for: STELDOX1 with all accessoires
  -Power supply is applied and the device is working properly
(slowly flashing blue LED),
  -Output is loaded, the current is OK – properly placed on the skin (faster flashes, to almost permanent blue LED),
  -Overload - short Red LED flashes,
  -Short circuit in the Output - longer Red flashes x 2.
    These are approximate, for orientation only. In case of overload (no harm to the patient or Steldox) – use smaller electrodes, higher distance between them, less pressure, avoid acupuncture points, more carefully in children.
    The pulses are up to 10 V, an internal timer switches off the output signal ~2 hours after the power on, to simplify unattended applications, like during sleep, preventing over-dosage. To restart, turn the power off, then on again, using the power supply switch, or the power connector to the cable assembly.
Stand-alone (Pad) option: cable assembly [2], power supply [3], electrodes [4].
    Electrodes can be in the range 1 to 3" (2 to 8 cm), from some of the following types:
--conductive (brown side) fabric - not very durable conductivity;
--small card-board, enveloped with Aluminum foil (usually used for cooking) - not very durable mechanically;
--Adhesive foam sheet + Adhesive vinyl foil + Heavy duty Aluminum foil (about the best for now).
    The customer can prepare others, but bigger dimentions are not advicable. They can be fixed on the skin by the clothing, blankets (at night), with elastic bands, etc.
    Some of the widely spread TENS-electrodes [4a]  also can be used, but their conductivity is not quite good, nor the durability, and their stickiness might not be comfortable.

    b) To connect with ELPID a cable assembly option, with a piggy-back connector for Steldox can be used [6].
    Or a splitter-adapter [5] can be placed between ELPID
and the regular cable assembly.
    Be sure the Steldox connector is fully inserted in the socket. It is preferable to insert the Steldox connector first, then to switch or insert the power supply.
    As they are influencing each other, the polarizing current LED 'Pz' on Elpid, and LED 'Ioк' on Steldox may light up without a patient, in this option. Steldox will continue to be powered on, while Elpid is in StandBy. STELDOX1 applications
    Examples of connecting and using.
STELDOX1 alone

    To Purchase     ( $95, in stock )


    A full featuring Stand-alone instrument, also very compact – can fit in the small pocket of the shirt or pajama! Main difference from the other option is the rechargeable LiIon battery, 50-100 hours work per charge, which allows the user to move freely, without wires to a power supply or ELPID. Power supply / charge can be from any USB (5V), or from Elpid.
    Other features are: LCD display; Regulated output voltage (5 - 7 - 9 - 11 - 13 V); Several level output current indicator; Timer 30 - 60 - 90 - 120 min; 9-level battery indicator; Charging battery indicator.
    It can work without HF output modulation, which sometimes can give faster and stronger impact. However, all mentioned advantages of the HF will be lost. Therefore, especialy on a long term, for deeper, stronger and longer lastingt result, usualy HF modulation is prefered!
    Under development, expected in 2020.

    Although applying Steldox with Elpid bath is beneficial, only 20 min isn't enough for substantial results. A good active healing would be 1-2 hours every other day, for several weeks, or as long as necessary; No more than 3 hrs per day / 4 hrs per 2 days (at one and same place); A break of 10-15 days is needed after a total of 40-50 days treatment.
    For prophylaxis it can be 1 - 2 times a month.
    One should keep in mind that all healing devices are only a temporary help to the real Health! Although surprising for most people (due to the numerous scientific and public prejudices), the baseline for preserving or recovering health is a radical mind change toward permanent prevailing of joy and love, kindness and warmth, honesty and dignity; freedom from any sadness, sorrow, anger, stress, formality, faiths and prejudices!
    Note: Steldox will work directly with ELPID S.N. 112 and up, + 102, 105, 106, 110; Others need a small modification, free of charge if sent to SELEQ (shipping paid by the user), or in a local electronic shop, by instructions.
    The right for any necessary changes reserved.
    Disclaimer: This is an experimental instrument for research, according to Federal Code 21, D, 807.65, (f), and can be used solely on user's own responsibility. The author is in no way liable for any unsuccessful treatment, failure due to lack of another treatment or any other reason.

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