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Ancient Future Knowledge for Hidden human abilities, Real health, Right Science, Society, Joy, Creativity
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    Redefining the Life and World    

This small unusual book (~150 pages, Part 1) introduces a comprehensive, innovative, ancient future philosophy.
Introductory (23 pages, .pdf)   *   Briefly for the Health

Almost ready, expected in 2019.

    It presents in popular form a comprehensive scientific-philosophical and practical system. It is an attempt for complementing and uniting the proper contents from the standard and "alternative" science, from all other ancient, forgotten, hidden or forbiden knowledge. Enhanced by the author's extraordinary ability for obtaining information by meditation and inner flair, as well as through rational analysis, physical and electronic instruments and scientific intuition.
    Today's people crave for money, wealth, ascendancy and technologies; the mind-spirit development is neglected, diseases and patients are increasing, science stagnates in gaps and errors, cannot answer basic philosophical and life issues. This situation can be substantially improved only through radically new methods, very different from now accepted scientific and social paradigms.
    Everyone on Earth is granted, although very conditionally, with over 200 years of life in excellent health and joy. The basic basis to achieve them, is the way of living, thinking and feeling, of nutrition and dealings – Impartial acceptance, love and understanding first to myself, then to everybody and everything; Never servile or humiliated, no sadness, anger or distress; Life in serenity and dignity; Revealing human hidden abilities to master the world through meditation and proper trained will.
    The book is a quite unusual glance over all major areas of nature, human society and science; deep in the dense-physical world and beyond it, in the subtle matter, unknown to the mainstream science yet, in physics of the soul. Included is the Author's Comprehensive Hypothesis about the creation and structure of our Universe.
    Part 1 of the book has 7 chapters – philosophical basis, main concepts, overview of religious, philosophy, yoga, etc. teachings, extended anatomy and cosmology, meditation and other main ways and means for human complex development, plus 3 appendixes.
    DISCLAIMER: The book is intended for education and reflection. Its content should be applied in a right way and suitable amount, solely at the reader's own responsibility. The author is in no way liable for any misuse or failure.