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  The Genuine Health  

Excerpt from the preface of the future book "REDEFINING  LIFE and SCIENCE"

  The first Earth Epochs are disease free.      Lost health is a strong sign of a wrong lifestyle. 
The root cause is mainly inside the psyche - our wrong thoughts and feelings!
   They directly harm body & mind,  and produce severely harmful  subtle toxins
 Together they are the main reason for the sicknesses, afflictions and misery on Earth today!   
    Subtle toxins are also tasty  food  for a variety of  germs. 
 In fact, many germs are our friends - they modify and reduce subtle and other toxins.
 But also further degrade the health, so they have to be wisely limited. 
 Alas, standard medicine is pretty ignorant of these proceses, therefore this is a huge challenge! 

    While other sciences have errors and omissions, in standard medicine is reigning almost complete ignorance for the genuine causes of most diseases, whence and for proper treatment.
    In the early epochs of humankind (unknown to today's anthropology) diseases did not exist.
    Health is a Divine (Nature's) grant, but very conditional – only if we live according to Divine-cosmic wisdom, for which most of us are quite ignorant. If we have lost it - that's usually a signal for wrong style of life. We can only recover it by substantial changes in our way of living, thinking and dealings! True health can be achieved with wise self-improvement, proper prophylaxis, healing directed to the person's complex condition, to the root causes, rather than fighting illnesses & symptoms.
    Life should be lived with kindness, serenity & dignity, impartiality, love & understanding, without humiliation, sadness, anger, distress; in harmony with oneself and the world! Alas, a huge amount of negative thoughts and feelings are created by our Free Human Will instead, and they keep constantly enhancing and diversifying! They impede many body functions, and generate subtle toxins, which congest in all organs, dispose in the cells and intercellular spaces. Although unknown for the standard science, they can severely harm tissues and their functions directly, and are food for many germs, which actually transform them into less harmful substances, but plenty of germs further damage the tissues and entire body.
    Same apply to many infections, allergies, almost all tumors, many cancers and other ailments, considered as only harmful, as disease. However, they are mainly healing, they are our friends and we should not try to eliminate them at once, but only to reduce to a level, not interfering the life. They will gladly go away, when get their job done! The best help should be to stop creating them new work, through our wrong thoughts and emotions.
    From many decades people are frighten that everyone can develop cancer. Many of the cancer tests are very harmful, and declare ordinary tumors and others similar to be cancer, only to collect the huge profit from the “treatment”, and claim a higher success rate. There’s almost always a piece of guilt in the bottom of a cancer, but this guilt can be extremely unusual. Most survivors are due to the complete change of their way of thinking, of the meanings of life, not because of, but despite of the radiation and chemotherapy poisoning, and mostly via alternative healing. It's smilar in other severe illnesses.
    Vaccination is increasingly exaggerated in last decades for commercial reasons. Only a few illnesses, like polio, or rubeola, are suitable for vaccine, which is lifelong. Most others, especially the flu-type, including Corona, are namely those partially pathogenic that need special wise management. They are to keep active the immune and other defense systems and to reduce toxins, thus maintaining the human health on a tolerable level, as mentioned.
    All flu-type vaccines are for short time, not very effective, and with a lot of late side effects that are hard to reveille and understand. Like increase of heart disease, some cancers, the numerous new peculiar sicknesses - HIV, Autism, Alzheimer's, autoimmune, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, some hepatitis, etc, or their worsening.
    Natural immunization through unobstructed people's interaction (sort of Holographic record) is the best way to get rid of such epidemic. With the small important improvement – obviously sick persons, but only they, should wear masks or otherwise protect others! (As too contagious, they can forcefully infect those that doesn't need it.)
    When enough people become with sufficiently clean body and mind, epidemics will disappear inherently, due to lack of food!
    Increasing loneliness and alienation in recent years is another source of subtle toxins – highly reduced direct horizontal exchange between people leads to accumulation in the body of unused for that purpose subtle energy, which can cause many acute and chronic illnesses, both mental and physical, not explainable for the standard medicine. This was dramatically worsen by the wrong Covid-lockdowns.
    Alas, pain and suffering usually come, as a compulsion to think truly about the meaning of illness and life, but often even they do not help.
    Incurable sickness DOES NOT EXIST! But there are plenty of incurable patients - those that don't know, don't care, or don't want to change their sick lifestyle!
    Quite unusual care might be required sometimes: going back in time – in the childhood or in previous lives, and resolving important karmic problems; Realizing the illness as an Incentive for mentral development, or due to Non-utilization of the potential talents, or to the Avoidance from solving important actual task, or because of a Disharmonious life, or child illness as stimulus for Parent's development, etc.
    A pretty smart life-balance is needed. If the life is selfish, obstructing, or mostly for making money, this can cause compensatory or admonitory suffering (alas, far from always in the same life); If it's lonesome, sad, morbid, stagnant – similar type subtle energy is attracted, which keeps and worsens the situation; and so on.
    Other important health problems are wrong nutrition, electro-smog (cell phones, microwaves, fast computers, power lines), bad infections, standard drugs (half of them dangerously harmful, many commercially created for profit!), black magic (despite the technocratic today, it isn't a myth), psychotronics, harmful music, noise, smog, geo-anomalous areas; harmful to the psyche TV programs, movies, Internet contents.
    The patient should fully revise the understanding of health and life – not just to go to a doctor and wait for а magic pill, but to be the main, the active healer. Everyone should be educated to the minimum required knowledge, in order to be personally responsible for the own proper health and life. It is not reasonable to assign these vitally important rights and obligations to another, who might be commercialized or ignorant!
    The role of the new genuine doctor should be to guide and support, and to carry out some emergency treatments. Mainly – to teach the patient how to live so, as not to get sick! And of course, as in ancient China, to be the better paid, the less are diseased in his contingent! It is not acceptable a poor man to be restricted from healing, and it is a crime one to get rich from the pain and suffering of people.
    As most important treatments can be mentioned: Taking everything in life optimally easy, with impartial warmth and understanding, first to myself, then to everyone and everything, with love and joy, humble dignity, never servility or humility; Complete setup of myself, my thought and will, to be confident in my strength and ability to overcome any disease, obstacle, problem; To the strong desire for quick getting healthy, rather than healing forever; Loving myself, my body, every organ, every cell; Deep cleansing from subtle and dense (regular) toxins & wastes of all bodies and selves, of all thoughts and feelings; Tracing and realizing the most important missteps in life, and mentally, in our thoughts, acting them out in new and better ways; Release from karma; Regular proper sex with love till the last day of life; Healing meditation (directed thinking) by the doctor and mainly by the patient – the main means to reach the healer inside everyone, the wisdom of the Universe and Gods!
    Substantial health cares are also: minimization of the psycho- and electro- smog, change of home and/or work (if they are bad); electric and electromagnetic therapy, fasting for health (eating nothing but juices for several days), right homeopathy, standard drugs (less than 10% of them helpful significantly), proper psychoanalysis, phytotherapy; good quality sleep, food, water, air, sun, movement, music, singing, etc.! Everything with the strong belief and knowing, that we can, and will, not only to improve our health, but to get completely healthy, released from any illness.
    Proper nutrition is essential for healthy body and mind. The food is the physical basis of both the dense and the subtle bodies. It should be innocuous, salutary, tasty and desirably beautiful. There is a huge misunderstanding about good nutrition in today's society! Many partially or totally wrong diets, supplements, vitamins etc are spread, unnecessary and harmfully are discussed calories and exact content.
    The basic food for a proper mentral and complex growth are the raw plants – fruits, vegetables, nuts, cultivated with a minimum of artificial fertilizers, well balanced, optimized. It is not so important the chemical composition of the food, but to be alive, rich in subtle energy. This will ensure a very good content and balance of the nutrition. It is strongly advisable that they are an essential part of every meal – fruits for breakfast, vegetable salad (without spicy vinegary dressing) at lunch and dinner; minimum or no meat, not too spicy or sour; avoid cocoa, pastries, coffee, garlic, onions, pasta; without overeating, or junk food between meals. If raw food is difficult for digestion, this must be expressly cured first, besides it is often due to a wrong combination of foods.
    A general good habit is to start the day with a teaspoonful of baking soda in a glass of warm water, and to finish it with a valerian pill.
    Namely these briefly listed cares for body and mind are prerequisite for the planned in everybody 200 to 300 years of life – healthy, happy, successful until the very last day. They will be discussed in more details in the book, as well as many other methods and means for development and improvement.
    The common factual situation of much shorter and sicker life does not prove that this is natural or unavoidable – rather it shows again that we need general change in the way we live! Direct evidence can not be given, therefore it will be shown and proven gradually by those of us, who with wisely open mind, will get rid of wrong habits and prejudices, of mentral and physical obstacles, and with their remarkable great life, will attract more and more followers.
    But we should not expect significant results from partial and half-way changes. A total renewal is needed, a very different style of life, a sort of rebirth in the same life! For skeptics, who would argue that these are empty fantasies, can be noted that the progress of humankind is provided primarily by such "fantasies".

    DISCLAIMER: The article is intended for education and reflection. Its content should be applied in a right way and suitable amount, solely at the reader's own responsibility. The author is in no way liable for any misuse or failure.
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