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Electro-Magneto-Pulsating Apparatus [ELPUMA]


via Electro-Magnetic Waves can stimulate, stabilize and improve healthy processes in body tissues, but suppresse the sick ones; It's non-invasive, and drug-free, and seems to be the unique one so comfortable and easy to use - consists of 1 only small unit, just place or tie on the sick area, while meditating, reading, walking or sleeping!

Because of the simple fact that human body is a special EM device, it can be very beneficially affected by wisely applied EM waves. (Somewhat forgotten or suppressed ancient knowledge!)   This is conformed by the extensive clinical research, which shows that Low-Frequency EM waves can stimulate many chemical and electrical processes in the tissues, almost all body functions.

Brief comparison of  SELEQ devices :
- ELPID (Electric bath, very low frequency and mostly DC) – can extract "sick" ions and toxins, moderatelly kill germs, affect dental issues; mostly as prophylaxis and general health - once per 1 or 2 months; make silver water.
- STELDOX (Multi-frequency, skin electrodes, dry) – can be a strong germ killer, modifier of regular and subtle toxins, moderate stimulator and mind cleaner; can afect minor or major infections, inflammations and many others (mostly at night).
- ELPUMA (Multi-Frequency, EM Wireless - no electrodes, through the clothing) – a strong harmless stimulator, the easiest and most comfortable to use (day and night). Quite universal - can affect pain, stiffness, inflammations, wounds, bones and joints, acute or chronic.
  - - But one has to know that the most beneficial for health can be a proper Meditation (thinking - a well-trained mind is almost omnipotent), and to learn to be Kind, Impartial, Dignified, with an Easy-living attitude toward everything, as explained further.

ElpumaOscillo     The base frequency, ~300 - 1100 Hz slightly changes every 2-3 seconds - pulsates (the main innovative impact feature). There are also 1 or 2 Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF - 5 to 27 Hz), fractally encoded in the higher one. For better application a 25 kHz carrier is used, so the same inductors emit from 4 to 1100 Hz. And since the slopes of the pulses are the main mean for Energy-Info impact on the tissues, this improves the impact up to 20 times! Thus a low intensity (5 to 20 Gauss) - completely safe EM field, can have significant positive effect. More over, the influence can be up to 20-25 cm (8-10 in) deep in the body, because in this case many tissues can act as waveguides.
    Only specially developed, noble, harmless EM waves, with safe power are used, harmonized with the body functions, simultaneously emitted via 16 inductors, with 2 values and 2 polarities. Which provides quite uniform EM field, but with useful varieties. The optimized pseudo-synchronous mode ensures no adverse effects, has most of the benefits of a sinusoidal signal, but much higher efficiency. This is completely different from the harmful Electro-smog emitters.
  Several patterns improving body systems, health conditions, and for health stimulation can be selected. Each consists of variety of 7 programs, repeated every 23 seconds.

ElpumaSketch     Elpuma can stimulate, stabilize and gently lead the organ tissues, every cell and organelle, towards healing and recovery, with very strong long-term impact. As well as relief in a few minutes in some cases of muscle strain, stiffness, cramps, seizures, digestive discomforts and others. It can be a unique smart helper in the release from some obstinate Lung infections.
    The instrument can be helpful in treatment of: Apnea, Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Bronchitis, Chronic fatigue, Cold, Epilepsy, Emphysema, Gangrene, Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis, High blood pressure, Inflammations, muscle and nerve regeneration, Kidney-urinary, lymphatic-blood and other circulatory afflictions, incl. most thrombs and other harmful coagulants, Migraine, Muscle fever, Mycoses, Osteoporosis, Pains from various origins, Rheumatism, diverse Seizures, Cramps and Tics, Wounds and many others.
    It can help also in some cases of: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, Cancer, specific Digestive problems, Depression and other mental issues, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Poliomyelitis, Psoriasis, Tuberculosis, Tumor, Varicose veins and others.
    Immediate harmless relief to tolerable condition and facilitation of further treatment can be achieved in some cases of very high Blood pressure, Thrombophlebitis, Pre-stroke and other dangerous states. It can have a bacteriostatic effect on most pathogens, stimulating on beneficial germs!

UsingElpuma     As with most cures, the effectiveness can strongly depend on the particular person, the cyclicity of the individual, of the surrounding atmosphere, etc. There are no reasons or indications that any harmful side effects are possible, if used as directed. It's not recommended only for people with electronic life-sustaining implants (pacemaker), organ transplants, special cases of pregnancy, some specific medications; Avoid more than 1 hour on the heart area.
    Only one healing process is usually not enough to get the entire human being healthy. Full recovery can be achieved by removing or significantly reducing the real causes of the illnesses. What most people don't know, don't understand or don't want to believe, is that the main root cause or aggravation for most diseases can be inside our mind - the way of thinking and feeling, the mental relations with the world and with oneself, the mental style of life - very harmful for most people on Earth!ElpumaFace
    Any healing can be poor, temporal or none, if the mind, emotions and the harmful psychical and physical environment are not changed, cleaned, improved. The right healing may depend mostly on the particular person and should be directed towards his/her mindset, rather than fighting some illness.
    This is explained in more details in the Article Briefly about the Genuine Health.
( 'M' = shortcut for 'ON - MODE' LEDs, for the first series ELPUMA )
- Impacting is the back side, the opposite of the LEDs and labels.
- The best result can be expected during sleep, unless used with special meditation.
- Small size - approx. 5 x 3 x 1" (12 x 7 x 2 cm), only 5 oz (140g);
- Thin clothing, up to 2-3 mm (1/8") does not interfere much;
- User-selectable modes, or auto-scroll all [press 'M' to change];
- Rechargeable battery (2 x LiIon, 4v, AAA) for up to 10-15 hours work, several years Stand-by (Sleep);
- Battery-level indicator [press left button to see batt.1, batt.2, timer];
- Battery check per 23 sec (will goto Sleep, if one of them is low);
- Timer for 20 to 120 min, 90 min default [hold left button >2 sec. to change];
- The instrument can work while charging, or without battery - on the charger
(don't leave 1 only battery inside);
Display examples: LEDs 'Time' + 'Inflam' = 90 min timer,
'Err' + 'All' = Err.Pow. (charger below 4.5V ),
'Bat' + 'Stop' + 'Inflam' = battery 2 is 70% full,
etc – the meaning of the LEDs row / column intersection;

- While working, the corresponding 'ON-Mode' LED will flash per 3 seconds, plus a short Beep per 23 sec;
- Pressing 'ON' while working will toggle the 'No Beep' option (non-disturbing the sleep);
- While charging (on any USB port or 5v charger) 'Crg' LED is On, with pause per 23 sec, and 2 short beeps per ~90 sec;
- Auto-stops if fully charged, with a specific "charge complete" sound, and "Crg" LED starts only brief flashes per 3 sec;
LED Lights: Stopped
On Battery only -   -   -   (Sleep) 'M' flashes / 3 sec
Short Beep / 23 sec
'Crg' On, pause/23sec
'Stop' flsh /23 sec
'Cg' =On, pause/ 23sec
'M' flsh /3 sec, beep/23 sec
'Crg' flsh / 3 sec
'Stop' flsh /23 sec
'M' + 'Crg' flsh /3 sec
 Short Beep / 23 sec
No Batt.
'Bat' flsh / 3 sec
'Stop' flsh /23 sec
'M' + 'Bat' flsh /3 sec
 Short Beep / 23 sec
- For the good battery "health", charging will start again after ~0.1V drop; The device can remain on the charger overnight or for several days, without a problem;
- A special, pulsating algorithm for charging is used, to ensure better and longer battery work;
- A battery will not be over-charged (thus quickly damaged) - charging will auto-stop, if one of them is fully charged;
- Elpuma will go to sleep (if not on the charger): 1- at the end of work by the timer, 2- if the charging voltage is removed, while in 'Stop', 3- if the 'stop' is pressed while working, 4- if one of the batteries is low;
- 2 matched batteries are included - can last up to several years;
- An elastic strap is included to secure Elpuma to the body, if necessary (arm, leg, head). Users can prepare others, by their own needs and sizes, or to use clothes, blankets, etc.
- When batteries begin to charge and discharge much faster, or one of them is much lower (2 or more steps), they need to be replaced with new ones (or both to be about equal voltage), to keep a good performance. ONLY LiIon AAA (10440) can be used, best for now are 'black TrustFire'. You can purchase new mached pair, and use the included small screw driver to disassemble the enclosure. Be careful not to bend any LED. Assemble it back without any strong pressure, make sure all LEDs are in their holes again. It's good to use the existing thread for the screws (half turn back, before tightening); do not overtighten them.
   Another option is to send it to SELEQ for battery replacement.
- ELPUMA is ready to work right out of the box - most people will need to press 'ON' only.
- And since its short name is Puma, she purr like a kitten!
    It is similar to, or can be viewed as a very specific PEMF device. It has a slight resemblance to Robert Beck's and many other pulsers, but unlike them - with several simultaneous noble frequencies, much more diverse and useful functions and parameters, without adverse effects.
    Note: The usefulness of high intensity or high voltage PEMF systems is a big myth. Although their harm usually is not direct and immediate, they are much more harmful than beneficial!
    It's not a good idea to treat with different Brain-wave Frequencies during the day (Beta, Delta, Theta), as some other PEMF-devices do, but to recover and help the body to naturally take care for itself in the right way! Nor to use EM Frequencies in the brain-wave range only - the instrument is intended for any part of the body - many other Frequencies are produced and used in Human body.
    The often referred NASA study on square waves PEMF is quite misleading - the good results might be due to the plenty of harmonics. About the same applies to the saw-tooth waves - in the body and in the Nature most of them are sinusoidal!
    Other modifications, for larger parts of the body, might be developed in the future. But such devices for the entire body are definitely not recommended!

    Disclaimer: This is an experimental instrument for research, according to Federal Code 21, D, 807.65, (f), and can be used solely on user's own responsibility. The author is in no way liable for any unsuccessful treatment, lack of another treatment, or any other reason.
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