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ELectro-Pulsing Ion Detoxifying Device [ELPID]

PDF- booklet, 8 pages;       На БГ (.pdf);       Quck Guide;

Innovative Electrotherapy "First, do not harm" health helper,
with original, patent pending principles, and 4 Modes:
-Foot/Hand/Sitz Bath, -Compress, -Dental, -Silver water.

   Reduces the excessive "+" ions in the tissues
(one important morbid status in most illnesses),
destroys toxins, metabolic wastes, viruses, microbes,
stimulates, vitalizes, rejuvenates body and mind,
through a smart low-voltage pulse-pattern,
applied via 2 flat electrodes, in baking soda or salty water medium.

  Very simple and effective, ready to work Out-of-the-box.
Only 20 min per day / week can improve the health and general condition.
  Gives electrifying sensations with exciting and rejuvenating slight prickling, tingling, twitching, easily regulated from very mild to strong

Brief comparison of  SELEQ devices :
- ELPID (Electric bath, very low Frequency, mostly DC) – can extract "sick" +ions, regular and subtle toxins, destroy germs, affect dental issues, make silver water; For prophylaxis and general health - once per month.
- STELDOX (Multi-F, dry skin electrodes) – can destroy germs, modify regular + subtle toxins, stimulate body & mind, affect various inflammations, alergies and many others (mostly at night).
- ELPUMA (Multi-F, EM Wireless - no electrodes, through the clothing) – improving healthy, suppressing the sick processes; universal - can affect many acute or chronic afflictions, very easy and comfortable to use (day and night).
- VRENPIS  (Violet, Red, Green Laser multi-F Parodontitis+  helper) [Preliminary]
- RIBER  (Red and IR LEDs multi-F vibro massager) [Preliminary]

It can help to:   Prevent, relieve or heal many sicknesses and weaknesses,
Apply medications via Ionophoresis, greatly reducing the harm,
Amplify the good side, or lower adverse effects of many drugs,
Cleanse Kidneys, Liver and entire body, Reduce the toxins and germs,
Relieve Allergies and Pain, Increase Energy level, Overcome a "cureless" disease,
Improve Sleep and Memory, Enhance Immune System,
Normalize Metabolism, Blood Pressure, Weight, Digestive system.
Features:   Very compact - 4 x 3 x 1" (10 x 7 x 3 cm)]
Very light - only ~3oz (90g);
Convenient water-proof touch-buttons;
Small, safe, isolating power supply 90-240V;
Vivid color LED indicators;
Displays both the Out Voltage and Current;
Beep every minute, double beep every 5 minutes;
Pause / Continue the session;
Auto End the session after customer selected time 5-30 min;
Each Mode with own 7 levels Out-voltage;
Change the time during the session;
Change the voltage during the session;
ElpidBath Auto Stand-by after 15 min Idle;
Short circuit, overload, over-voltages protected;
Cheap to use - the electrodes last hundreds of sessions;
Good looking - the water is clear all the session;
Comprehensive (but only 8 pages) operational manual;
Step-by-step Quick Guide.
Can be very useful together with homeopathy and other harmless methods.

    ELPID can help in treatment of Allergy, Asthma, Arthritis, Atherosclerosis, Blood pressure, Bronchitis, Digestive & Urinary issues, Diabetes, Chronic fatigue, Emphysema, Epilepsy, Gangrene, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Inflammations, Migraine, Mycoses, Osteoporosis, Rheumatism;
    Also of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Lyme and Heart diseases, Argyria, many Cancers, HIV/AIDS, Leukemia, Poliomyelitis, Psoriasis, Schizophrenia, Tuberculosis, Tumors, Varicose veins and many others.
    The more important – it cleanses, stabilizes, restores, stimulates virtually all tissues and organs, the whole body.
    Several bath sessions every 2 hours can heal or strongly reduce a flue or other infection. It can be substantial part of an alternative to Hemodialysis, some surgeries and other dangerous invasive treatments.
     Its impact can be similar to the Bob Beck's blood electrification.
Elpid-Basin     Lab tests confirm that the pH of the salty water in the tray increases during the session, either with or without a patient. However, the pH with a patient is ~ 0.2 to 1.0 less (more acidic), than without, which is exactly explained by the "+" ions, sucked out of the patient's body.
    There are no known side effects, nor are expected any, if used according to the manual. It's possible, however rarely, ELPID to provoke too strong internal cleansing and healing processes, causing temporary discomfort and slight exacerbation of some symptoms. It cannot be used in the areas with open wounds, scratched, abraded, acutely inflamed skin. It can worsen some nail abnormalities – then they should be kept over the water. It is not advisable in case of transplanted organs, life sustaining electrical devices (pacemaker), some strong special medications, etc.
    Such a diverse Healing Aid may seem doubtful, but it is really possible and the device can help a lot of people, because of its universal principals. There are cases of great improvement after 1-2 baths, but this cannot be guaranteed. Substantial results can be expected applying one session every 2nd day (2-3 per week), over several weeks or months, depending on the particular person, body condition and moment of time. On long-term one bath or compress 2 to 4 times per month can be important part in healing of some old chronic issues, due to released mature karma, or prophylaxis.
    Certainly, the full health recovery can be ensured by fundamental improvement of the lifestyle and significant reduction of the real main causes of the diseases. Most people don't know, don't understand or don't want to believe that the root of most diseases is inside our mind. Namely, it is in our thoughts, feelings and aspirations, in the mental relationships with our own body & soul, and surrounding world.
    We should live in serenity & dignity, impartial love & understanding, without humiliation, sadness, anger or distress! All negative thoughts and feelings generate subtle toxins and wastes, which accumulate in all organs, and dispose in the cells and intercellular spaces. Although unknown for the standard science, they severely harm tissues and their functions directly, and are food for many germs, which actually transform toxins into less harmful substances, but lots of germs further damage the tissues and entire body.
    ELPID can reduce both the germs and subtle toxins, and stimulate the healthy tissues.
   This matter will be discussed in more details in the book REDEFINING the LIFE and WORLD, by the creator of ELPID. You can read the  "Genuine Health"  article, excerpt from the preface of the book.
    This device is very different from the commonly offered, priced up to $3k, named cleanse, spa, chi, ionic etc. footbath. They use quite strong DC to rapidly decay an iron or alloy electrode, making the water full of rust (healing) and metal (mostly harming) ions, more likely to get you dirty, than clean. They have only 1 useful process – it's passive, quite low effective, with some adverse effects. At ELPID processes are several – active, much more effective by design, without any harm, in limpid water all the time.    A Brief  History, Bio-chemistry & Compare  of Ion-Detox machines.
ELPID and all accessories
2- Fluffy liner
3- Pouch
4- Plastic clips
5- Curly cables assembly+
6- Stainless steel Electrodes
7- Silver electrodes 0.999 Ag
8- Power supply 90-240V - 15V

9- Dental applicator &
10- Dental pockets (with ELPID'd)

A manual & a Quick Guide are also included
1- Dental application,     2- Compress,     3- foot / hand / sitz Bath,     4- Silver water.

    In 3rd mode – BATH (the main one), is used a plastic basin/tray (not included), with 2 flat electrodes of non-corroding steel alloy, 2x8" (~5x20cm), attached to the opposite walls. Their life cycle is hundreds of sessions or several years. The tray is filled with about half a gallon (~2 liters) of warm water, with 1-2 spoonfuls of baking soda or salt dissolved. This raises the conductivity, which facilitates the electrolysis of the water at low voltages, providing a completely harmless process. In this way are produced hydroxyl ions (OH-), which are negative, but "noble", not very active chemically. They attract and suck out of the body the "ill" positive ions, additionally repulsed by the positive polarizing electrode on the forehead.
SELEQ- Sitz bath with ELPID     The feet and/or hands are immersed in the basin for 10 - 20 minutes. The user can choose between 7 voltage levels (8 to 14V), for pulse current approximately 40 to 250 mA. The bottom is covered with a fluffy plastic liner, to ensure the water, i.e. the healing electric current, is passing between the feet and the bottom wall.
    A common schedule is 15 min every 2nd day, or 2-3 times per week; 2 to 4 times to the feet / once to the hands; for 2 to 6 weeks, with breaks for 5-10 days, or as long as necessary or comfortable. For general health improvement and prophylaxis – 1 or 2 times per month.
    Sitz bath (on the buttocks-anal area - patient sitting in the placed on the floor basin) can be very useful for hemorrhoids, prostatic and other urinary-sexual issues.

    DENTAL is the default mode, because of its lowest voltages (less then 3V), therefore the safest one in case of a mistake. Only if this option (ELPID'd) is purchased, a Dental applicator is included – in a specific low-cost version, which does nоt worsen its performance at all. Else it would be at the price of the entire ELPID!
    Especially suitable for prophylaxis, it can help in treating:
(1)- caries – teeth decay,
(2)- gingivitis – inflamed gums (tissues around the teeth),
(3)- periodontitis – inflammation of periodontium (tissues between the teeth and bone),
(4)- osteomyelitis – issues with the jawbone;
Also gums and tongue furunculosis and others.
    The root causes are mostly on mental level – the tenseness, discomfort, stress, unhappiness, unresolved karma, etc. They produce and dispose inside and around the teeth subtle toxins, which are delicious food for the germs, causing caries. The standard odontology is quite ignorant for all this, as mentioned. The dentist's tales that tooth decay is because of the food debris between teeth is a great delusion - they are made to be among food! Caries is not caused by eating sweets. They are both independent consequence of the mentality.
    However, for great majority of people Dental mode of Elpid will be very useful for temporal or long-term improvement, facilitating and enhancing other treatments.
Elpid-Dental     The two electrodes of the applicator have to envelop from 2 sides cured teeth and gums for 30 sec to 3-4 min. Up to 3 teeth can be affected at a time, which means that in 10-15 min all the teeth can be treated. The Voltage is 0.3 to 3V, current (long LEDs flash) – approx. 20uA to 600uA.
    The "Out" voltage level should be set so that no pain is felt in the time of pulses. Or only slight pain / tingling, which is usually healing. Smallest levels are good for children and for heavy cases. Higher levels will be applicable without pain in the process of healing, which can be diagnostic reference. Only low Out levels (1, 2, 3) should be used around an alive tooth with big old fillings – a higher current can accelerate self-dying of the pulp (the nerve), which happens sometimes in such cases. There are also individual and natural cycles in the tissues conductivity, which have to be considered.
    The 2nd mode is COMPRESS. A regular compress can be made of several layers soft cloth, soaked in warm salty or baking soda water solution (10-15% is the best), and moderately wrung. Placed on the skin, covered with a plastic foil first, then with a woolen or other thermo-isolating layer for several hours (1 night), it often has a very good therapeutic effect for many people with various illnesses.
    If metal-foil electrodes are attached at the ends of the soaked cloth, and the "compress" mode of ELPID is applied to them, this healing process will be amplified and accelerated several times! A same result can be achieved for about half an hour, instead of 6 hours regular compress. Plus the additional benefits from the electro-pulsing patterns.
    The voltage is 3 to 8 V, relatively high current is allowed – over 100 mA, to enable using COMPRESS-mode as BATH – for children, for more sensitive, or slightly sore skin, or in other cases. Similarly, high levels of DENTAL can be used for COMPRESS.
    And vice versa – BATH can be used as COMPRESS for more powerful effect, or when the skin is coarser and less conductive. The out level should be increased slowly, until slight pain-itching-vibrating is felt in the time of pulses.
    In SILVER WATER mode a piece of silver wire at a cost of $10 can produce several gallons, $50 to $200 on the market each. This topic is quite controversial and commercialized. Although they usually discuss colloidal silver, more important, active and beneficial are the silver ions. Since the process is in water, there always will be considerable part ions. Detailed discussion is beyond the scope of this manual. The used in ELPID algorithm and the 2 specific beneficial frequency-modulations, in fractal pattern, ensure a very good silver water. The included electrodes are suitable for about 16 fl oz (1/2 liter) container, preferably glass. They can be used many times, toggling on the "+" & "-" outs, cleaned to a metallic sheen through scrubbing with a kitchen cleaner or knife, then towel.
    The timer step in this mode is 17 min – the "best time-quant" for the purpose. Only 2 options – 5 or 3 steps (85 or 51 min) are suitable, without any pauses or other changes. Every second step is passive – no electric voltage is applied, but small amount of silver is dissolved in the water. (In a similar way, a Church silver cross, placed in water for 1 night, produces the so-called Holy water. If we pour water into a small silver (>97%) container for 12 to 48 hours, it will become 1 to 3 PPM silver water, good for drinking.)
    Low mineralized spring water that gives a current at level 1 to 2 on ELPID (~3 to 12 mA) is the best option. If the conductivity is too high, it's not good for the purpose – that's why constant current cannot be applied. If too low – a little regular or epsom salt can be added. Same applies for the real distilled water, which can be a second option. The current can be regulated to some extent, by the position of the electrodes. If all this is applied, the silver ions will be 10 - 20 PPM, no more than 30 PPM, without any risk of argyria. If the current is higher, the 51 minutes time can be used. To use distilled water and high voltage for this purpose, is damaging for the water on fine subtle level, and is not good for the health.
    The concentration of silver cannot be determined, as the process depends on many factors. There is no way to measure the exact amount of silver ions, so we have to rely on the intuition, Akasha-data (above given PPM) and the resulting effectiveness. It can reduce all pathogens (viruses, microbes, fungi), but depends on the person's condition and many others.
    A good dosage is 2-3 tbsp in a small glass of beverage, 2-3 times daily, limits 5 to 20 tbsp (30 to 120ml) per day, depending on the case, person and weight; up to 2-3 weeks, then a rest of 3-4 weeks. The other, often better option, is every 2nd day, up to several months. The too strict EPA standard is 350 ug silver, i.e. 2 oz (70 ml) 5 PPM silver water per day for adults. In general, any unnecessary dosage should be avoided and external application considered. The silver water can be stored in an opaque bottle, better for no more than a month.
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    After being powered up, ELPID is in "Wait", with the default parameters, for about 15 min, then turns to "Stand By" until Esc is pressed. The power supply should be far from the basin, the device prevented from accidental drop into it, although this would be safe for the person, and for ELPID too. In such case all cables have to be removed, ELPID and other dropped parts rinsed with water (mostly connectors) and left to dry in warm place for several hours or 1-2 days. Even if the inside is wet with the salty water, there will be no problem for the person nor for ELPID – after rinsing and drying, it will work perfectly again! But, of course, it would prefer not to jump in the basin! The enclosure is sealed with silicon, not by a rubber band or similar, therefore should be disassembled only if this is really necessary.
    As an additional prevention, the treated person should not touch any metal tap, tube, central heating, the water in the sink, tube, etc.
    LED "Mode" flashes with the Out pulses, while working, except in Silver water (always ON). The short flashes of the LEDs "Out" show the selected voltage level, the longer ones indicate the measured current (only longer flashes in Silver water – the voltage is fixed at a maximum). The settings for Out level, Time & Mode are remembered while in "Pause", "Wait", "StBy"; in "Silver water" - for Out level & Time. The TIME can be set at 5 to 25 min, in 5 min step, and changed at any time, except in Silver water mode; If working, "Time" changes will not affect current 5-min portion. Short beep is given after every 1 min work, double beep after 5 or 17 min.
    Baking soda is preferable as electrolyte; if salt is used, it should be regular, not sea, iodized, etc. Usually 2 tbsp are enough for 1/2 qt (2 liters) of water. It's not necessary the water to fully immerse the electrodes or feet, it can be as much as desired; the ankle area can be treated with Compress. Current in the range 40 - 120 mA is OK – the impact is mostly due to the pulse-pattern info, not to the power.
    The cables should be preserved from mechanical damage, strong bending, too much stretching, high temperature, etc.
    Several spoons of water (after the salt/soda is dissolved), must be placed in the pouch. The water in the basin gets cold very quickly, therefore it has to be quite hot initially. To minimize possible itching, pricking, stinging, the polarizing electrode can be pressed a little (for a better contact), to be moved around, and the skin smeared slightly with conductive water from the basin.
    After every use, the basin, with all parts in it, especially the pouch, should be rinsed with warm water. It can be washed with soap when necessary, or when another person will be using it, or the fluffy liner can be changed. The electrodes can corrode a little, mainly if salt is used, therefore can be cleaned with glass-paper, if necessary. Mostly the one in the pouch corrodes - it will need replacement after a substantial decay.
    Outputs are protected against electrostatic and other over-voltages. Short-circuit or overload will turn them off for 5 seconds with error LED and sound warning. Then Mode can be pressed for immediate escape.
    Every instrument passes a rigorous passive and dynamic test.
More DETAILS about the  PROCESSES  in  ELPID:
    Since the electricity is substantial part of the functioning of the human body, well-selected and properly applied electric patterns can have very good cleansing, healing, stimulating and vitalizing effect.

    -Process 1- The electric design ensures almost no decay of the electrodes, but electrolytic dissociation (electrolysis) of the water as follows:
   At the Cathode ("–", reduction):
4 H2O + 4e− (from the external electrical chain) → 2 H2 (gas) + 4 OH− (Ions in the water)
   At the Anode ("+", oxidation):
2 H2O → O2 (gas) + 4 H+ (Ions in the water) + 4e− (to the external electrical chain).
    Because the "+" electrode is inside a pouch of semi-permeable material, most of the H+ and other '+' ions will be kept inside the pouch. This considerably increases the amount of '−' ions (mainly OH−), in the main part of the basin, and the water is slightly alkaline, "alive". The voltage on the electrodes establishes a flux of these OH− ions around the feet/hands.
    This flux from negative, not very active chemically ions excites compensating positive ion flux inside the body. Via osmosis, through the skin pores, by the blood, lymph and other means, from the body are drawn '+' ions to recombine with the excessive negative ions in the water. This process can partially be explained by the Roderick MacKinnon's discovery of the Ion channels in the cell membranes (Nobel Prize in chemistry, 2003); Further findings are expected. Since many of  the toxic and harmful substances in the human body are in the form of  '+' ions, this process leads to regaining health. Elpid-PlrzElectrode
    A small positive voltage, applied via a polarizing electrode, placed on the forehead, amplifies and accelerates the process, pushing '+' ions toward the basin. To be completely safe, without any harm to the body, a generator of small constant current (50-100 uA) is used. It ensures an optimized adaptive voltage, independent of the pulses, skin condition, body movement, electrode quality, etc.
    -P.2- Spreading in the body tissues, the electrical pulses destroy and modify viruses and microbes, regular and subtle toxins and metabolic wastes.
    -P.3- In addition, the negative (falling) slope of the pulses, acting as an electro-biochemical pump, drains out of the body non-ionized toxins and wastes, especially the subtle ones. To be effective & painless, the slopes are in the range 5-10ms (i.e. the pulses are slightly trapezoidal), and hampering spikes are removed.
Elpid-Pulses     -P.4- As it is well known in the wise traditional Eastern medicine, feet and palms are linked to all main organs, via special neuro-info channels, through which the electric pulses from ELPID stimulate the entire body.

    -P.5- The long pulses are slightly modulated with a specific revitalizing-rejuvenating frequency, which additionally increases the effectiveness.
     -P.6- All output pulses have also modulation with F=5 kHz, well known as beneficial from many studies on frequency electro-therapy.
    -P.7- The bath provides small amount of iron and other metal ions from the electrodes and impurities in the water – in low concentration they are not harmful and will be absorbed only if necessary for the body. Many of the ions excite various beneficial ion fluxes inside the body.
     -P.8- A warm bath with "alive" salty or baking soda water is healthy by itself.
    Many features of the unit are designed through the extraordinary abilities of its creator. Although not accepted by most of the standard science yet, many of the historic discoveries of Newton, Mendeleev, Tesla, Schrodinger, Niels Bohr and other great scientists have been made in a similar way.


Power supply - Wall Adapter 90 - 240 V In / 15V, 0.5A Out
Polarizing electrode - Voltage 1 to 14V via constant current ~60..110uA
Main Out   ( approx.,  in the long pulse ):
      BATH - 8.3, 9.2, 10.1, 11, 11.9, 12.8, 13.7 V /
    40, 60, 90, 120, 150, 200, 250 mA; >490mA- Over Load
      COMPRESS - 3.4, 3.8, 4.3, 4.7, 5.2, 5.6, 6.1 V /
    1, 3, 7, 12, 18, 25, 33 mA; >160mA- Over Load
      DENTAL - 0.45, 0.68, 0.9, 1.3, 1.9, 2.5, 3.2 V /
    ~20uA, 40, 70, 130, 240, 380, 600uA; >5mA- Over Load
      Silver Water - 13.5 V;   1 (~3mA),   1.5 (6mA),   2 (9mA)   -> OK (~7 to 27 PPM silver),
   L (~0.5-2.5mA) - too low;   H (12-20mA) - too high,   >20mA - Over Load
Silver electrode - 6", 18 AWG (15 cm, 1 mm dia), 0.999 fine silver
Short pulses in 1 series- 11, ~1s total (Bath, Compress); 24, ~2s total (Dental)
1 Long pulse + 11/24 short ~7.5s
Nested Frequencies: 0.1Hz, 10Hz, 53.4Hz, 5kHz
Time step - ~5 min ±2sec; 17 min ±5sec ( higher accuracy not necessary )
Ambient temperature - 10 to 35oC (50 to 92oF)
Humidity - <90%, non condensing
Weight:        ELPID - 3.2 oz (92 g)
           The package - ~19 oz (550 g); ~5 x 9 x 2" (~14 x 22 x 4cm)

    Note: If all 4   +    −   TIME   START  are touched simultaneously, a "Production test" mode is entered, which should not be used by the user, will give an error, but nothing wrong will happen. Touch 'Esc', or switch Off, then On.

Designed and made in USA by SELEQ,   ELPID- UPC 680201854734,   ELPID'd- UPC 680201854741

    Disclaimer: This is an experimental device for research, Federal Code 21, D, 807.65, (f); can be used solely on user's own responsibility. The author is in no way liable for any unsuccessful treatment, lack of another treatment, or any other reason.
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