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  Quick Guide   for   ELPID  

- BATH -

Elpid-Quick-Bath1     -Use a plastic household or photography basin/tray ~16x12x4" / 40x30x8cm (Sterilite, Paterson, etc), with walls, suitable for attaching the electrodes.
    -The fluffy porous mat (non-slip pad or similar) should always cover the bottom. You can rinse, wash, disinfect it many times, or exchange with e new one. Test if the disinfectant is suitable on a small corner spot first.
    -Place one electrode in the pouch [1] and attach the two electrodes to the short walls of the basin by the plastic clips [2, 3]. You can toggle electrodes, because mostly the one in the pouch wears out, although slightly; or buy a new one for inside the pouch. You can buy replaceable pouch, or sew one from suitable water-prove material, as needed.
    -Place ELPID on a small table (Option 1 in the Manual), on a high table [Option 2], on a small chair/stool, or on the floor, situated conveniently for all cables (to the power supply, basin and forehead), and preventing accidental drop in the basin. If it happens – rinse lavishly with water and dry carefully.
Elpid-Quick-Bath2     -Keep the electric clips, connector and rear part of ELPID dry.
    -Prepare a comfortable chair and a towel.
    -Plug the 15V power supply – ELPID will sing and light short welcome; select mode BATH.
    -Put ~1 to 4 tablespoonful baking soda (or salt) in the basin [4], pour about 2 to 4 quarts (liters) hot tap water [5] and stir. Put several spoons of this water in the pouch [6].
    -Place the basin on the floor for treating feet, or on a stool / chair / small table for hands.
    -Connect the alligator-clips to the electrodes, the red one to the electrode in the pouch [7]. Place the polarizing electrode on the forehead.
    -Sit comfortably in the chair with feet/hands in the basin.
    -Touch 'START' to begin; it toggles "start / pause".
    -Adjust the current with '+', '–' buttons, when necessary. Usually best result is obtained, if you feel slight piercing / tweaking / itching. If you "see" lights during the short pulses, it's OK and a good sign for the healing.
    -You can increase the time, if needed, with 5-minute step, 25 minutes maximum.
    -Relax, think and imagine how everything sick and harmful is leaving your body...
        ...and how it fills with health, strength and joy.
    A slightly larger basin will be needed for a buttocks-anal (sitz) bath.

    -Use soft cotton fabric, with size in the range 10-20" (20-50cm), sufficient to cover the treated area of the body, when folded 2-3 times (to 4-6 layers).
    -Make 2 electrodes from double or triple folded aluminum foil (usually used for cooking in oven), with dimensions according to the fabric and the sketch. They need periodical change, because slightly decompose.
    -Place the electrodes as shown on the sketch [1] and photo [2, 3].
ElpidQuick-Compress     -Fold the fabric by the dotted lines, with the electrodes inside, so as to avoid direct contact of an electrode with the skin, and roll it up.
    -Switch ELPID in "Compress" mode, connect the curly cables. Polarizing electrode is not so important (as in Bath), but also helpful.
    -Prepare 2 to 5 oz (60-150 ml) hot water, with 10-15% baking soda or salt dissolved, in a small tall glass, suitable to accommodate the folded and rolled up fabric (can be one end first, then the other).
    -Roll up the folded fabric (together with the electrodes), quickly soak it in the soda/salt solution in the glass, first one side, then the other one, and wring it out.
    -Soak well the rolled up fabric in the tall glass.
    -Wring it out moderately, quickly unroll, clip the bended end of each foil electrode, together with 2 internal fabric layers [5, 6] and place it on the skin, while still warm. Avoid direct contact of a clip with the skin.
    -Cover with waterproof plastic foil (like grocery bag), then with woolen or foam layer to keep warm. An electric pillow or other warmer can be used.
   -Start ELPID and adjust the Out level with '+', '–' buttons, if necessary.
   -Usually 25 min are enough, but 2 or 3 steps by 10-15 min, changing the area on the skin, is often a better approach.
An optional, but easy to apply mode that could be beneficial for most people.
    The included sponge pockets [5] can be washed (or sterilized) and reused many times. More pockets can be purchased, or prepared from the sponges [3], having the supplied pockets as samples – 2 layers material on all sides of the electrode would be good [4]. More sponges 2x2" (5x5 cm) can be bought, usually sold by 200 pcs, for about $5-10 on eBay, Amazon, etc. [2]
      Ionophoresis can be performed with solution of Potassium iodide (KI) ~2%, suitable Antibiotics, "Magnesium oil" ~20%, or other medications. A piece of Silver wire can be placed in the "minus" pocket. All this can be very useful for many abscesses, granulomas and other issues of the masticatory apparatus.
   -Place a sponge pocket on each electrode [6].
   -Wet them with 10-15% baking soda or salt in distilled / purified water, or the ionophoresis solution, or just drip several drops on the pockets, tooth side.
    -Connect the dental applicator and the power supply.
    -Place the electrodes on 2 sides of the treated tooth, including the gums [7]. Sometimes they may need to be bended slightly, to envelope a toot better.
   -Start from the lowest Out levels, to avoid pain in case of more sensitive or damaged tissues, then increase with '+' until some kind of slight pain, pricking, tweaking appears, unless it is uncomfortable. Usually level 3 is optimal.
    -It is usual and normal when treating some teeth-areas to have a visual perception of light flashes at the time of the pulses.
    -However, tweaking, lights or other sensations are not mandatory and the effectiveness can be very good without them.
      A good treatment is every other day (with antibiotic – every day), 1 min (up to 3) per 2-3 teeth; at least 5-10 days with treatment, or as long as necessary, with breaks; Do not overdose. In severe cases, for a short time – up to 3-4 times a day, 3-4 min per tooth; For prophylaxes – once per 2 to 4 weeks.
    Consider the personal and natural cycles in the tissue's conductivity and the pain threshold – they can vary more than twice.
    Cleaning of the applicator – with soft sponge, water and soap, or with alcohol.
    -Suitable is about 1 lb (0.5 liter) container, preferably from glass.
    -Attach the 2 silver electrodes, shiny clean, on the opposite sides, at a distance of 2-3" (5-8cm). Bigger distance = smaller current. They can be straightened for cleaning and bended again, shape can be changed, as needed.
    -Start "Silver water" – now 1 step is 17 min, the default 5 steps (85 min) can be changed only ones, in the 1st step, only to 3 steps (51 min). 17 minutes is the "quantum" step for this purpose – minimum 2 active and 1 passive.
ElpidQuick-SilverWater     -Pour about 1 lb clean, spring, low mineralized water in the container; Or distilled with very little regular or Epsom salt, as to provide the minimum necessary conductivity.
    Start "Silver water" – now 1 step is 17 min, the default 5 steps (85 min) can be changed only ones, in the 1st step, only to 3 steps (51 min). 17 minutes is the "quantum" step for this purpose – minimum 2 active and 1 passive.
    The output voltage is set to maximum in the active steps and almost to zero at the passive steps. The settings cannot be changed (to lower the current), because if the water has high conductivity (mineralization), it is not suitable, and lower voltage will not make it better.
    -If the current is in the range 1-2 (yellow and/or orange LED = ~3 to 12 mA), the water's conductivity is good for this purpose. The current can be regulated to some extent, by the position of the electrodes; If it's higher, the 51 minutes time can be used.
    -The time should not exceed 85 minutes, without any pause, therefore it is blocked. Else, excessive precipitation, coagulation, clotting and other very undesirable effects can happen.
    -You can toggle the silver electrodes to serve alternately as "+" and "–" (on the red and black clip), in order for their equal wear out.
    Store the prepared Silver water in an opaque container (in the dark).

    Disclaimer: ELPID is an experimental device for research and analysis, Federal Code 21, D, 807.65, (f), and can be used solely on user's own responsibility. The author is in no way liable for any unsuccessful treatment, failure due to lack of another treatment or any other reason. to Top  |    Home 
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