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 Corona-virus is not scary! 

    In recent decades many flu-type epidemics, incl. Coronas, went quickly, mildly, without much disruption to normal life. Most of them are not accidental, not only harmful. Like a thunderstorm, they cleanse our bodies from the severe toxins, due mainly to our wrong thinking and living. Although the mainstream science doesn't know many of them, they exist, just as the electricity has always existed, even though regular science has known it for 300 years only! These toxins are tasty food for the "pathogens", transforming them to less harmful substances, but pathogens are also further damaging and should be wisely limited.
    Thereon, such an epidemic is spreading to those that need to be cleaned by it; It will continue until it gets the job done – enough people passes it and gets immunized. To ensure that, they should interact enough (as it was hundreds of times before). But with the small important improvement – obviously sick persons (but only they), should protect others! (As too contagious, they can forcefully infect those that doesn't need it.) This is the best way to get rid of these epidemics, and a way to maintain a tolerable overall health!
    Only some people can get sick, usually less than 5-10%, many of them mildly or unnoticeably. And mostly those with other severe illnesses (overt or hidden) can die. Besides much less, than those due to the panic fear, arrested at home, lonely, depressed, without work, transport, right health care, entertainment, etc! It is not true that Covid19 is very different - it is slightly human-modified, but similar Corona-viruses have been several times before, moderately harmful, never had a successful vaccine. They disappeared through the natural immunization (without masks and distancing!), thus couldn't grow and stay to the next winter season.
    There are other type of viruses, like polio, or rubeola that are mostly harmful - they are suitable for vaccination, which is lifelong. However, only a few vaccines are acceptable, some of them are different for different people. All others, especially flu-type (like Corona) are more damaging than helpful, besides most of the harm comes after years, as new peculiar sicknesses, or worsening of some old, so it's very difficult to determine their role from a dense physical level. The new Covid-vaccines are approved under huge commercial pressure (12 years is the regular trial period). Late side effects are completely unpredictable! It is significant that Salk, the creator of the 1st polio vaccine, had enough scientific intuition to stop working on flu-vaccines.
    Natural immunization is a holographic-type record, through the space-cumulative wave of the mass-interaction, over the entire population; On a combined subtle-energy-info and electro-bio-chemical level. (Known T-cells and others similar are only a small part of it. Anti-bodies are only intermediate means, not enough nor necessary.) Wrong vaccinations contribute little or nothing to this record. On the contrary - they usually damage it, thus ending the pandemic can become a really difficult problem!
    World-wide spread masks, distancing, and lock-downs strongly obstruct the immunization, usually force and increase the remote spread, stimulate virus-mutation - they are actually ignorant work against the epidemic termination! Or just try "to prove" the ostensible need of vaccine.
    Also: Masks -- reduce oxygen ions in the air, which are vitally needed for the health; -- impede obtaining of prana, very important for a healthy life; -- worsen the breathing of everyone, especially those with lung problems; -- make easier a criminal to stay hidden, and the face much uglier; Lock-downs increase alienation – a main reason for many mental and somatic illnesses; terribly obstruct the life of billions, impede much of the economy.
    Even with very strict lock-downs, the morbidity and mortality continues, besides similar or lower (!) in the countries with very low or no restrictions (Sweden, Belarus, Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan...)! But people are blind and deaf to this obvious fact.
    Although it cannot be directly proven, instead of the 1.8 mln deaths in 2020, related to Covid, without the panic fear and distancing, but with regular people's interaction, they'd have been ~350k (a mid-level flu); If with prevention from severely ill persons, as suggested - around 150k!
    Besides, since more than 60 million per year die from other illnesses, even these exaggerated 1.8 millions are a small part, to make the world turn around them!
  Finally, the attempt to keep the sick part of the population alive interferes with the natural selection; And impede the chance these obviously unsuccessful lives to have sooner a new, better incarnation.
    Like in Orwell's novel, all mass-media persistently keep the "Corona-virus" panic fear ON! The deaths are painfully counted and mourned every day. This fear psychosis increases both morbidity and mortality, people are easy to manage, easy agree on everything! Frighten and conquer! Some have opened Pandora's Box for their benefit, and it is already self-sustaining, closing it is extremely difficult. The whole "democratic"(!) world abrogated personal, public and business rights and freedoms! And common sense as well! With astonishing ignorance and stupidity, very diligently started and continues suicidal state terror, under the pretext of protecting health! Voluntarily created cataclysm with the size and significance of 3rd World War! The Covid exam turned out to be an impossible challenge - the vast majority of the world totally failed!
    To reduce the chance to catch Corona or any other illness, we need to improve our body and mind, not try to escape or hide. To do enough physical work or exercise, especially in nature, to have a really proper nutrition and environment; To be kind, impartial, dignified, easy-living; without fears, sadness, envy, hate; free from faiths and prejudices, etc (to reduce the congestion from regular and subtle toxins in tissues and psyche). To look through meditation deep in the body and mind for the most important defects, and work to repair them; for release of possible karma. Deep changes in knowledge and habits, in many basics of life are desperately needed!
    When enough number of people become with sufficiently clean body and mind, epidemics will disappear inherently, due to lack of food!
    These who don't need Corona are already immunized by mild (often unnoticeable) infection from the same group, or will have it very mildly. Those who need it will catch it anyway, the sooner the better. The best healer is one's own positive thinking, by giving to mind and will the task "Optimally fast healing, minimum harm". The Immune and other curative systems will take care as necessary.
    After 3-4 days with symptoms (the healing part; in severe cases - immediately), we should start active help. The harmful side of viruses can be reduced by quite forgotten harmless electrotherapy devices. Many pulsating electro-magnetic (PEMF) devices can help too. Also homeo-chininum, propolis, silver water, mint oil, etc (first 7-10 days antibiotics increase the toxicity mainly, after that it depends on the case); Several days fasting on juices can be very beneficial; moreover its "side effects" are an entire health improvement. A healthcare practitioner should be seen in severe forms.

    How the huge delusion Covid was possible? - Because, as Albert Einstein (one of the creators of contemporary physics) says, the human stupidity is unlimited!
    And because, as Goebbels (Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister) says, the bigger the lie is, the more probable is people to accept it, as they would never believe an official institution can lie so impudently!

    Yes, this article might be quite a challenge, against many scientific and social beliefs! But let's remember that only 150 years ago Ignaz Semmelweis had been shut in a madhouse, because of his crazy statement that micro-particles (later called viruses and microbes) are the reason for many diseases!
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    Disclaimer: The article is intended for education and reflection, solely at the reader's own responsibility (which should apply for every activity, though). The author is in no way liable for any misunderstanding, misuse or failure.
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