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 Corona-virus is not scary, not so dangerous! 

    In recent decades there were many epidemics, incl. more virulent than Covid-19. However, then the immune system was not so damaged (mainly by the mass flu vaccines recently), people were not so contaminated with subtle toxins (mainly from greedy thoughts and aspirations for money, possessions and fame), nor were they possessed by the fear psychosis 'Co-virus', or quarantined at home. Therefore, epidemics went quickly, mildly, without much disruption to normal life, people were healthier, friendly, happier!
    Most of the regular epidemics are not only harmful. Just as the thunderstorm cleanses the air and earth, they cleanse our bodies from the severe subtle toxins, due mainly to our wrong thinking and living. Although the mainstream science doesn't know them, they exist, as the electricity has always existed, even though regular science has known it for 300 years only!
    An epidemic is spreading to people that need to be cleaned by it; It will continue until it gets the job done – enough percentage of people passes it and gets immunized. It's about 5% for Covid19, depends mostly on the dynamic of the population and the wrong quarantining, (unlike the ignorant 70%, according to the standard epidemiology). If not, it will reappear, or other similar, or some more severe. Any attempt for artificial stop only prolongs the agony! Many viruses are almost "pure" informational matrix – doesn't always need dense-physical carrier, but can spread remotely – another reason quarantine cannot help much. On the contrary - mass-quarantines usually force and increase the remote spread.
    Most mass-media persistently infect everyone with the "Corona-virus" panic fear! The deaths are painfully counted and mourned every day – 110 000 as of Apr.12. However, nobody tells that deaths from seasonal flu are up to 650 000 every year, that other deaths are more than 16 million this year, 300 000 from suicide only! Thus created fear psychosis increase both morbidity and mortality, people are easy to manage, easy agree on everything! Frighten and conquer! Some have opened Pandora's Box for their benefit, and it is already self-sustaining, closing it is extremely difficult. A huge part of the world diligently cuts the branch on which it stands!
    Like in Orwell's novel, one dictator decided to stop mechanically the epidemic by arresting people in their homes. Without any thinking about the real benefits, specific situation, reasonable options, consequences, the whole "democratic"(!) world repeats the same, abrogating personal, public and business rights and freedoms!
    To postpone the death of several thousands sick people (mostly they, apparently or not, die from Corona), "smart" world rulers condemn to death of alcohol, tobacco, direct suicide and many other, tens of thousands more labile, not withstanding such absurd meaningless restrictions. These under normal conditions would be healthy and working-able people. Moreover, a total chaos in hundreds of millions of human lives is imposed, and collapse of much of the economy! Plus depriving people of the horizontal energy-informational exchange in human communication, which is so important for health and well-being.
    Alas, nothing has been learned for more than 100 years, and the mistakes with the Spanish Flu of 1918 – mass-quarantines, are repeated! Their uselessness is proven now by the several countries without restrictions (S. Korea, Belarus, Sweden) – they have similar or lower morbidity and mortality! Besides health and life of the people there are not damaged, nor the economy!
    These who don't need Corona are already immunized by mild (often unnoticeable) infection from the same group, or will have it very mildly. Those who need it will catch it anyway, the sooner the better. The best healer is one's own positive thinking, by giving to mind and will the task "Optimally fast healing, minimum harm". The Immune and other systems will take care as necessary. After 3-4 days with symptoms (the healing part), we can help with synchronic electro-therapy, homeo-chininum, propolis, silver water, etc (first 7-10 days antibiotics increase the toxicity mainly, after that it depends on the case); Several days fasting on juices can be very helpful. A healthcare practitioner should be seen in severe forms (but putting on a 'Ventilator' increases the fatality very much - better use bronchodilators as possible).
    New Vaccines will mostly further damage the immune system. This is not a right way! To reduce the chance to catch Corona or any other illness, we need to wash our thoughts first; To improve our body and mind! To be Kind, Impartial, Dignified, Easy-living, no fear, sadness, envy, hate, with really proper Nutrition and Environment, free from any Faiths and Prejudices, etc. Not trying to escape or hide. Only the sick persons could wear masks, and should not sneeze, cough, talk, etc. against others, and stay home as possible (as with any contagious disease – to prevent forcible infection for those that don't need it). NO other restrictions! And life should continue in love and joy!
    Yes, this is a huge challenge, against many scientific and social beliefs! But let's remember that only 150 years ago Ignaz Semmelweis had been shut in a madhouse, because of his crazy (for the beliefs then) statement that micro-particles (later called viruses and microbes) are the reason for many diseases!
    When we become fearless, the life will become limitless!
    Some more details about the real health – The Genuine Health
*1 Dr. Murray - Flu shot increase Covid-19 risk                                                *2 Worldometers
*3 Coronavirus dropped sharply in South Korea.
For reflection: Deaths caused by
cancer this year [DY] 2 150 000
smoking DY1 300 000
alcohol DY 655 000
complicated seasonal flu500 000 /y
HIV/AIDS DY 440 000
traffic accidents DY 350 000
suicides DY 280 000
associated with Covirus19 70 000
As of 05-Apr-2020;
Data from Worldometers,
World Health Organization, etc
Although not a quite regular epidemic, but aroused from human stupidity, without the restrictions it could be reduced around the first flattening of the curve, in Feb - Mar, and disappeared after 1-2 months, as many others before.
As it did in S.Korea - without restrictions!
Covir Compare
Covir deaths

    Disclaimer: The article is intended for education and reflection, solely at the reader's own responsibility (which should apply for every action, though). The author is in no way liable for any misunderstanding, misuse or failure.
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