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  About the controversial Rusty Ion Detox foot bath  

    Most comments, distributed regarding this topic, both pros and cons, are too harsh and biased. As usually, the truth is in the "golden middle" – there is some benefit, but typically not too high, and not for everyone.
  The honest authors admit that the rusty-brown color is from the decay of the iron electrode, and that only nuances of the color are possible, depending on the patient's condition.
    The examination of these devices leaded to the definite conclusion they should be made in quite a different way.
    Several facts were identified, as follows:
    – The healthy body tissues are neutral or slightly alkaline, with more negative ("–") ions. An ill tissue usually has more "+" ions, it is more acid, sour. Many toxic and harmful for the human body substances are in the form of "+" ions in the bodily tissues too.
    – Ion-detox systems are started initially as a clinical development, in search for more successful treatment of cancer. The idea is to make a water bath, rich of negative ions; in the beginning - for the whole body. Through the skin pores and Ion-channels in the cell-membranes, they will attract and suck out of the body the "unhealthy" positive ions. As a very cheep and easy to produce option, some of the iron oxide (rust) ions in the water are used. They are negative, strongly oxidizing, like (Fe2O3)2−.
  – However rust ions are very active chemically and quickly react, or make complexes with the water molecules and hydroxyl ions. Several forms of the hydrated oxide of Fe(III) exist, like γ-Fe(O)OH. Many of them are "+"ions, which quickly reduces the "-"ions' quantity. There are also metal, compound, and other ions, some of them strongly "+", so the entire effectiveness is not high.
    – Another good side is that most other ions in the water excite various ion fluxes inside the body, which stimulate many organs and processes. Similar good effect appears from the small electric voltages around the array in the water. Some "+"ions also can be useful in specific cases.
Rusty Ion-Detox     – The main electric current is only inside the iron array, in order to decay it to rust. This is the reason of the rusty-brown color of the water – there is no rust in the human body!
    – The wrist electrode is polarizing - it must be slightly positive, to stimulate the stream of the "ill" "+" ions within the body toward the basin. There are wrong claims for it – like sensing patient presence.
    – A bad side is that with such high concentration, many of these heavy ions can penetrate trough the pores and harm the body; Including the possibility of severe allergic reactions.
    – Although not so high, the main and universal benefit is increasing the alkalinity of bodily tissues, but this should be applied only until the optimum is reached. Reduction of metals and other toxic and harmful substances is also possible. But it's not so important, nor useful, to know the exact change or existence of particular elements or compounds in the water. Bio-chemistry still doesn't know enough how harmful or useful a number of elements and compounds are. Besides many of them can be either harmful, useful or neutral, depending on the particular patient, patient's condition, and many other factors.
    – Many of these iron and other compounds can become slightly different, or some others can be created, depending on the sucked from the patient ions - i.e. on the patient's health, physical and mental condition. This explains the color nuances of the rusty water. But the coloration can depend also on the composition of the electrode, minerals and other stuff in the water, etc.
    – Due to this low efficiency, and because of the strong pressure from the commercialized mainstream cancer "treatment", this research is abandoned. In reduced form, as foot-bath only, it became popular, because it's cheap and easy to use from everyone, including at home.
    It is completely incomprehensible, why producers / traders do not learn and explain these simple facts, but many of them keep spreading the ignorant nonsense that the rust in the bath is because of the sucked from the patient toxins?!
    And why most of the "scientific" comments are limited only to state that the water becomes rusty even without a patient in it, and to conclude without any reason that it is a scam.
    Again: The rusty Ion-Detox foot-bath is not a scam, it's useful for many people (~25%), with very good results for part of them (~10%). But for most of the users the benefit is low, and severe adverse effects are possible (albeit for only ~0.05% - 1 from ~2000).
    – Such, similar or in other variations of detox and cleanse machines has several different origins, all they with similar fate. Many pretend to be the first, excluding the really first 2 of them!
ELPID with basin
    On the base of all these, a new type instrument (ELPID) is designed, in a quite different way. It uses only the noble hydroxyl ions (OH-), which are strongly "-", but not so active chemically, 8-10 times longer living than the rust-ions, completely harmless. To be still more effective, 2 flat electrodes (with suitable safe voltage), establish a flux of the "-" ions around the feet/hands. To further accelerate the healing, electric pulses with ultra low, body compliant frequency, are added. More details.
   As an indirect evidence of ELPID's workability, it can be noted that Lab tests confirm that the pH of the salty water in the tray increases during the session, either with or without a patient. However, the pH with a patient is ~ 0.2 to 1.0 less (more acidic), than without, which is exactly explained by the "+" ions, sucked out of the patient's body.
    Briefly summarized, ELPID has much higher effectiveness by design, avoiding adverse effects! More over it is cheaper to use, because its electrodes are changed very rarely; Much better looking, as the water is clear all the time; And it is much much smaller and lighter!
ELPID compare
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