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Simon Jivkov
The Author / Owner
- Simon Jivkov,
    is an almost ordinary person with family, relatives and friends. He is a Physicist & Electronic Engineer with long and extensive experience, including more than 60 various electronic devices, most of them designed and engineered completely by himself, from the power supply to the software; some of them are unique, others in mass production, in scientific laboratories or "flying" on Space satellites and stations. Most of them are still working, including the first hobby-radios made more than 40 years ago.
    He has worked at the Institute of Space Research, Institute of Physiology and Sofia University in Bulgaria, in Penn State University and QorTek Inc in the USA; Since 1990 is Owner and main researcher in SELEQ. The fields of work include Aero-space instrumentation, Electronic-Lab equipment, application of physics and electronics in scientific experiments, various medical electronic instruments.
    First encounter with the unusual was at age 16 - then, with one only deep and strong decision of mind and will, he achieved total transformation of himself and his world. From usually sick, weak, unhappy and disgraced, he became healthy, strong, confident and respectable. Another similar leap was adopting of Fasting for health (eating nothing but fresh juices for several days) with very good results. Later on he made several other big steps of significant self-improvement. He got to know and use Hatha-yoga, homeopathy, meditation, life after death, reincarnation, holistic approach; psychic energy (power of thought); astral-spiritual guides, etc.
    There were also periods of difficult reflection, trials and errors, at moments reaching a point of complete despair and resignation. But most of the time he advanced successfully, achieving magical (for conventional doctors) recovery from some "incurable" diseases, obtaining abilities for harmonizing, and mastering of some natural and anthropogenic elements, processes, energies and beings - dense-physical, subtle-physical, info-energetic.
    Recent years he is working on developing of innovative harmless methods and electronic equipment, which can help treatment, recovery and prophylaxis. They have some particular and unusual qualities due to the extraordinary scientific intuition and ability to "read" pieces of the cosmic wisdom.
    Another important area of work are attempts to explore the subtle matter and energy, developing special methods and apparatus, based on known physic concepts and electronic equipment. Alas, this field of research is usually lacking in scientific accuracy, often neglected or ignored by the ordinary esoterics, and fanatically rejected by the conservative regular scientists.
    While fighting health, scientific and everyday life problems, the Author achieved a lot of extraordinary knowledge, which might be very useful for the science, medicine and way of life. As his moral obligation, they will be collected in several books, and offered to the public. For now in popular form, until sufficient integrity, depth and completeness are reached for a scientific monograph.
    And also offering useful and harmless electronic devices that can help health, wellness and prophylaxis.

List of the author's  R & D  and  P r o d u c t s:
( * - participation in a bigger project, all others are entirely own developments )
1. Universal small battery charger/ tester, 2016- ;
2. Electro-frequency Stimulator and detoxifyer (STELDOX), 2018;
3. Electro-Magneto-Pulsating Apparatus (ELPUMA), 2013-19;
4. Electro-Pulsing IonDetox Device (ELPID), 2012-17;
5. New type Ion Detoxifying device, 2011;
6. PC-based air-resistivity meter with HV-excitation, 2010;
7. PC-based 3D analyzer of Earth+ magnetic field, 2009;
8. Polarimetric analyzer of some subtle fields, 2008;
9. Plasma tube module for FRELT, 2007;
10. Laser module for FRELT, 2006;
11. Device for Fractal-Resonance Electro-Therapy (FRELT), 2005;
12. Portable IR wireless EEG system, 2004;
13. EEG-type device for monitoring subtle-phenomena in water solutions, 2003;
14. High-sensitivity Photon counting system, 2002;
15. EM-Optical device for inducing relaxation and sleep, 2001;
16. HV power supply for Photo-Multiplier Tube, 2001;
17. High-efficiency, low-noise Switch-mode Power supply; 2000;
18. Signal processing module for photon counting Photomultiplier, 2000;
19. Christmas lights - Burst-flashing star, 1999;
20. Mono/multi - pulse Kirlian-Photography Camera, 1999;
21. High efficiency DC-DC power supply modules, 1999;
22. Programmable ground resistivity - chargeability meter, 1998;
23. PC-based ground resistivity meter, SAT-11, 1997;
24. Editor, Emulator, EPROM/micros Programmer (8 Mb), ESPRO-8, 1996;
25. Serial EE PROM Programmer, 1996;
26. PC-based EPROM/RAM Edit while simulate (8Mb), SIM-8, 1995;
27. PC-based TTL / CMOS Tester TCT-1, 1994;
28. PC-based 8/16 bit EE/EPROM Programmer (8 Mb) PCP-8, 1994;
29. Home Thermo-controller, 1993;
30. Editor, Emulator, EE/EPROM Programmer (512k/4Mb) ESPRO-6, 1992;
31. 6-channel programmable Thermo-controller PTC-6, 1991;
32. Bench multichannel Power supply MPS-10, 1990;
33. PC-based Data Acquisition System for multichannel Thin-film evaporation, 1989;
34. Editor, EPROM-Emulator / Programmer (128 Kb) ESPRO-1, 1989;
35. Computerized System for semiconductor spectroscopy,* 1989;
36. Precise power supply for EG&G Spectrometric System, 1988;
37. 4-channel digital Thermometer, 1988;
38. Remote sensing Spectrometer "Spectrum-256" for Space station MIR,* 1987-88;
39. Bench digital Timer / clock, 1987;
40. Counter of moving objects, 1987;
41. Device for express Heart-pulse measuring, 1986;
42. Editor, EPROM-Simulator (32 Kb), 1986;
43. Portable surface-contamination radiation Meter, 1986;
44. TV-camera & spectrometer for International space project FOBOS,* 1985-86;
45. Electronic wavelength scanning for Interferometer, 1985;
46. Hollow-cathode tubes spectrum measuring apparatus, 1985;
47. Testing device for Public transport controlling system, 1984;
48. 16-channel audio Analyzer / equalizer, 1984;
49. Ground spectrometer for Remote sensing "ISOH-111",* 1983-84;
50. Function generator / Graphic analyzer; 1983;
51. LED-matrix information display, 1983;
52. Electronic Christmas lights, 1982;
53. Digitally controlled FM-tuner, 1982;
54. Remote sensing Spectrometer "SMP-32" for Space satellite METEOR,* 1980-81;
55. Calibrating device for the spectrometer "SMP-32",* 1980;
56. Programming device for Geophysical observatories, 1979 (the MS thesis);
57. Programmable 6-channnel Color-light music, 1979;
58. Bench digital Frequency-meter, 1979;
59. 4-channel Color-light music, 1978;
60. Device for Thin-film deposition control, 1978;
61. Audio-amplifier (2x60W), 1977;
62. Device for measuring Life-time of carriers in semiconductors, 1976;
63. Thermo-controller for thin-film evaporation, 1975;
64. FM-tuner, 1974;
65. Audio-amplifier (2x20W), 1973;
66. Laboratory switch-mode power supply, 1972;
67. Bench power supply, 1971;
68. AM tube-radio, 5-band, 1970;
69. Pocket-size transistor radio, 1969-70;
70. AM tube-radio, 3-band, 1967-70.

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