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 SELEQ  – Innovative Special ELectronic EQuipment for Research, Better Health & Life
Ancient Future Knowledge for Hidden human abilities, Real health, Right Science, Society, Joy, Creativity
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Renovation of Life and Science, Human and World

    For many years science is in stagnation, medicine in recession - the number of illnesses and of the sick people is huge and constattly increasing; a lot live in ignorance, in stress and fear or in negligence and luxury; Mind-spirit and beauty are neglected.
    The need of a deep complex change is more than obvious! Humankind is at a challenging crossroad:
  – to continue stagnation and conservatism, domination of commerce, industry, technology and militarism,
  – or to turn to a very different, smart and balanced way, but unknown or anacceptable for the mainstream science and politics!   Although the outcome can be amazing - 300 years of useful life in perfect health and joy!
    Parts of this mysterious right way are to some extent known to some open-minded people, learned and accepted the alternative and complementary Science-philosophical hypotheses for the creation and existence of Human and Nature.
    Alas, their knowledge is only partial and theoretical. They are either not willing, or completely helpless how to explain it comprehensibly to the people, and how to apply it in practice.
    Many of them oppose and criticize each other, their mistakes and omissions. Similar apply to the mainstream science, not quite aware of its own stagnation and misconceptions. The Promising Way is to unite everything right and useful from them all, mutually complement, correct and improve, in order to create the mighty wise Hero, which can save and improve the world. Elementary Watson, as a popular film hero loved to say!

    On the base of these reflections, and because in the process of fighting health, scientific and life problems, a lot of knowledge and wisdom were accumulated, the further goals were extended in the next 3 directions:

1. Innovative instruments for Health Improvement,

harmless and safe, on new principles, or on merging contemporary science with the forgotten ancient wisdom.  Such devices are getting more and more necessary, due to the increasing number of diseases and patients, incurable by the conventional doctors, despite of their claims to the opposite.
Brief comparison of  SELEQ devices :
- ELPID (Electric bath, very low frequency, mostly DC) – can extract "sick" ions, regular and subtle toxins, destroy germs, affect dental issues; for prophylaxis and general health - once a week or 1-2 months; can make silver water.
- STELDOX (Multi-frequency, skin electrodes, dry) – Can destroy germs, modify regular and subtle toxins; to be mild stimulator and mind cleaner; to affect minor or major inflammations and many others (mostly at night).
- ELPUMA (Multi-Frequency, EM Wireless - no electrodes, through the clothing) – can be a strong harmless stimulator, the easiest and most comfortable to use (day and night). Quite universal - may affect pain, stiffness, inflammations, wounds, bones and joints, acute or chronic.
- TESCOG (HV Tesla-Coil / Gas-discharge Lamp) – Express help for body & mind Health. [Preliminary]
- LASDENT  (3-Laser Dental health Aid) - caries, inflammations, periodontitis [Preliminary]
- RIBER  (Red, IR LEDs multi-F vibro massager) [Preliminary]

2. Research in the area of subtle matter and energy,
still Terra Incognita for most of today's science, which prefers hiding behind the statement "This is Non-scientific, this is quackery", and doesn't even try to make it scientific! Again, as in the Middle Ages is rejected the Heliocentric theory of Copernicus; As in 1848 is ridiculed and shut in madhouse Ignaz Semmelweis, for his claim that micro-particles cause some diseases (later worldwide accepted as bacteria and viruses); Even after 1982 for a long time is in disgrace Dan Shechtman, for his "fake" discovery of quasi-crystals (granted with Nobel Prize in 2011)!
    Information regarding subtle matter and energy had existed from ancient times (although not widely available), as well as achieved by some today's open-minded scientists (although not quite well described nor presented). The insufficient scientific rigour, or non-acceptance by the conservative or commercialized academics, doesn't mean it's not true. There are some methods and apparatus for their exploration, many others can be developed, based on known physic concepts and existing electronic equipment, and new types can be created.
    We have to remember that only 3 centuries ago, science didn't know electricity, although manifested in nature and in some experiments. Today's situation is similar with respect to the subtle energies and matters - still forthcoming is their unveiling and manifestation before the scientific community.

3. Writing books and articles,  about this Science integration and Life optimisation.
  Some Basic outlines:
- Many things in the world, and in our body & mind are amazingly different from the beliefs of the mainstream science;
- We need to release our conservatism, faiths and prejudices, and to become open-minded, but with constructive criticism;
- It's more than obvious that very deep changes in our Life are necessary, since everyone has at least several illnesses!
- We can create an own stable and thriving healthy lifestyle, despite the often tense and troubling surrounding world.
- One has to get rid of the notion "sick and feeble old age" - it's a result of the Lifestyle, not of the age!
- Everybody must be knowledgeable and personally responsible for the own proper health and life.
- We need a strong intention to remove real causes of illnesses and quickly become healthy, not just heal & cure forever!
- An active creative joyful life is the best way to health and welness.
- And the strive in everyone to be strong, kind, impartial, easy-living, decisive, dignified;
- And a bit selfish - to ensure its own successful existence, then must be also altruistic - for a stable surrounding world.
- People should expect, encourage, and accept great innovations in Science and Life.
- A latent quality is embedded in Earth's world, to move smoothly towards a new type of man and society.
- The right and ability for most of the changes toward the remarkable better life are inside our mind and will.
        Let's wish us success!
  SELEQ    is established in 1990, with the aim to Design and Produce electronic instruments for Scientific Research and Electronic Labs. After a period of other tasks, activity is renovated and extended. Now it is located in State College, the small university town of the Penn State University, in the Center of  Pennsylvania, USA.

Suggestions and comments appreciated :
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