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  SELEQ  - Innovative Special ELectronic EQuipment for Research, and for Better Health & Life
Ancient Future Knowledge for Hidden human abilities, Real health, Right Science, Society, Joy, Creativity
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Renovation of Life and Science, Human and World

    Established in 1990, with the aim to Design and Produce electronic instruments for Scientific Research and Electronic Labs.
    After a period of other tasks, activity is renovated and extended, as explained below.
    For many years science is in stagnation, medicine in recession, a lot of people live in ignorance, in stress and fear or in negligence and luxury, mind-spirit and beauty are neglected; Humankind is at a challenging crossroad:
– to continue domination of commerce, industry, militarism and technology,
– or to turn in a completely different, smart and balanced way, but unknown to the mainstream science and politics!
    On the other side this mysterious right way is to some extent well known to the esoterics.
    On a 3rd side they know it on a theoretic-mystical level, but are either not willing or completely helpless to realize how to apply it in practice, how to explain it comprehensibly to the people.
    Although the main activity of SELEQ - Electronics, is very different from the Esotericism, and it might seem quite unusual to combine Science with Esoterics, this is a very Promising Way. They mutually deny, even furiously oppose and criticize each other, not aware of their own omissions, mistakes and misconceptions, stagnation, even some degrading. That's why it is high time to unite everything right and useful from them, mutually complement, correct and improve, in order to create the mighty wise Hero, which can save the world. Elementary, Watson, as a popular film hero loved to say!
    Based on all this, and because in the process of fighting health, scientific and life problems, a lot of knowledge and wisdom were accumulated, the further goals were extended in the next 3 directions:

1. Innovative instruments for Health Improvement,

harmless and safe, on new principles, or merging contemporary science with the forgotten ancient wisdom.  Such devices are getting more and more necessary, due to the increasing number of diseases and patients, incurable by the conventional doctors, despite of their claims to the opposite.

2. Research in the area of subtle matter and energy,

still Terra Incognita for most of today's science, which prefers hiding under the claim "This is Non-scientific, this is quackery", and never tries to make it scientific!

3. Writing books and articles,

which explain in popular form, how this  Science-Esoteric unification could be done:
That we can, and we should  be always strong and healthy,  kind and joyful,  decisive and vigorous,  with honor and dignity;
That many things in the world, and in our body & mind, are amazingly different from the beliefs of the mainstream science;
That our life can be much longer,  calmer and easier,  beautiful,  exciting and diverse,  awaken,  challenging and satisfying;
That the right and ability for all changes toward this remarkable better life is inside each one of us, in our mind and will.
  SELEQ    is located now in State College, the small university town of the Penn State University, in the Center of  Pennsylvania, USA.

Suggestions and comments appreciated :  
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